Who is behind the scenes of “soo schön” (> meaning “soo beautiful”)?
Hey, that’s us, Kaya & Clark.
Since we cannot get enough of each other, we do not only share our lives, but also our job better yet our passion for many things because its “soo schön” (soo beautiful).

Through our infinite love for each other, our sweet little daughter was born soon after we met. Shortly before Kaya’s pregnancy, we established our photo – creative agency Chakk Boom, which is at home in the international fashion and advertising industry.

Synchronous we received a lot of requests for wedding and couple shoots. These have enchanted us emotionally and were getting a growing part of our work – so we soon set up our ‘soo schön‘.
For us it is very valuable to meet you special people to hold your love and stories in emotional images. You make these light drawings to something very special and magical.

Who are we?
Kaya: I am an open, sensitive and harmonious person. All three properties I like to call “touchy” – without sounding “hackneyed” now.
I can and would like to empathize myself in every person / situation – that’s why I always cry at every ceremony :o) By the way, I like to laugh. Yes, who does not, hihi? Anyway, I’m a pretty cheerful & optimistic person.

Clark: Since I’m an open, communicative and sensitive person, I too connect with people very quickly and feel, like Kaya, in every situation.
I love to be surrounded by people, but I also enjoy spending time with myself. My life I enjoy to the fullest and am up for every fun :o)

What is dear to us?
…to depict you the way you are – naturally and authentically in those unique instants that only belong to you – exactly these ones we want to capture for you. Just those moments when you smile at each other unobserved, when he wipes your tears from your cheek, or when she lovingly adjusts your jacket. We just want to capture those unique moments & real emotions forever for you.
Therefore, a personal advance meeting with you is very important to us. To see if we like each other and if we feel like we can spend a really good time together.
Because on one of the most important days of your life, you deserve someone by your side where you feel comfortable. Because only when you feel good and can drop completely, created exactly those images, that will accompany you throughout your life.

Together we are?
…sometimes too perfectionist ;o) our attention to detail and the aesthetic sense makes us what we are. We love what we do and do what we love.

Why “soo schoen” (soo beautiful)?
Because its “soo beautiful” that you have found each other…
Because its “soo beautiful” that you are happy…
Because its “soo beautiful” that you are going on your life journey together
Because one “soo beautiful” and exciting time lies in front of you
And finally:
Because it just “soo beautiful” when it’s beautiful: o)