Why do we want to accompany you as friends?
An almost cordial relationship is important for a relaxed and familiar atmosphere. We would indeed build a bond with you, as we accompany you after all on your most emotional and beautiful day. You will not even see us as „strangers” on your wedding day, but as a part of the whole. Therefore, our personal preliminary meeting with you is very important. In order to see if we like each other and to have the feeling that we can spend a really good time together. If a personal meeting is not possible because of distance, we would like to get to know you on a virtual way.

Where you live, anyway? And how far would you go?
We live in Vienna and also very often in Klagenfurt / Carinthia.
We work throughout Austria and look forward to a journey to you – no matter where. We will fly for and with you wherever your wedding will be.

How much are your travel costs – how much do we have to expect?
In order for maximum transparency – with no hidden costs and to ensure you always get a total price, the real costs of accommodation and travel are included. Of course, we primarily look for inexpensive lodgings.
If you have already booked a room for you and your guests, please let us this know, so we may be able to get a room at the same hotel. Or you want to directly book a room for us? Let´s speak about this in person.

Do you do location- scouting for separate shootings (couple photos, engagement – shoots, trash the dress, boudoir shoot, and single – portraits)?
Yes, very gladly! We have already seen a lot of beautiful and different locations, which are not photographically staged yet. Furthermore, finding new places never ends. As we travel a lot, we always come across very unique and beautiful places.
Should you have anything special in mind, and is not in our repertoire, we will go on the search for you.

How do we book you?
To book us, just send us an email to hello@sooschoen.com, use the contact form hello@sooschoen.com or call us. We will then check if your date is still available to us and inform us as soon as possible.
After a personal meeting and getting to know each other, you’ll get your contract and confirm your reservation with your signature and a deposit of 30% of the total price. If a personal meeting is not possible due to the distance, we would like to get to know you on a virtual way.

When should we you book / inquire at least?
Popular dates are already booked many weeks and months in advance. We strongly recommend you to contact us in advance, nevertheless still inform us if you have short deadlines.

How do you do the photo selection? And when do we receive our photos?
We always make the selection of photos together. With our view – 4 Eyes & 2 hearts – for aesthetic and emotional moments, we guarantee you a lovely selection / compilation.
Since we give the photos a lot of attention, the selection alone can take more than a few hours’ even over days away. Especially in the summer where there is one wedding after the other, there are thousands of photos to sort and edit.
So we take up to 6 weeks to select and edit. If you need photos for any reason earlier (for example: to design your “Thank You” cards) kindly advise us in advance. Depending on the density of our orders, we will try to select and edit your photos in a shorter period.

Can we order wedding albums?
Yeah, sure – definitely. We are very happy if we can make your wedding „touchable„. Furthermore, it’s something extraordinary for us and it’s a lot of fun, turning your most beautiful impressions to an individual piece of jewellery. For that we offer the best quality. Spy out in our category” USB & albums, or personally come by to admire and feel them.
Prices vary depending on size and album. Of course you do not need to make a choice of a photo album right after your wedding. You can get it e.g. as a gift from your guests or, you can get yourselves one on your first wedding anniversary ;o)