Photo & Video

There will be still many special and beautiful days in your life. But just on this one important day, you want to have someone by your side with whom you have something special in common. Someone with whom you enjoy spending time, whose work you appreciate, someone who laughs with you, someone you like to have around you on this day, who accompanies you in those special moments. And then, it is there, that moment when you can drop yourself – the moment where magic happens and where the images emerge that accompany you for a lifetime.

We take pictures & film the uncontrived moments at your wedding. We catch your real emotions & unique moments for you. We show you & your special day authentic, open & natural. We do not want to influence anything in your day! On the contrary, we want you to remain as how & who you are.

We mingle inconspicuously among your guests and thus capture the small and large emotional moments for you.

In order that when you and your grandchildren are looking at your pictures still Pippi gets in the eyes ;o)

And because we are two, hardly a spontaneous feeling “escapes” / feeling state escapes us.
When, for example, intervening the bride, Kaya focuses on the waiting groom & Clark focuses on the emotion of the bride.

With our drone we make not only pictures and videos ;o) of you on the ground, but also very
extraordinary shots  from the air.

So what do you get from us:
• Before your booking: A personal (or virtual), informal or non-committal meeting to get to know each other
• Photography & Video by Kaya & Clark
• Travel expenses after common agreement
• Our promise that we will keep your unforgettable event with full attention and greatest sensitivity
• Includes every spark of our creative energy & craftsmanship
• Our empathy: emotional, open & honest
• Kaya’s & Clark’s selection, editing and optimization of your picture story
• Individually worked out in color & black-white
• All your images in print and web resolution on USB stick – loving & always unique packaged for you
• As well an extra online gallery with download link of your pictures in web resolution for you, your family and friends
• All images without logo or watermark & ​​all usage rights for your private use

Depending on the package, you can expect about 40 to 50 photos per hour, or a 1- to 8-minute film.

In the high season (April – September) we offer reportages from 8 hours onwards. On the remaining weekdays and during the off-season, bookings
(such as engagement, pair shootings, etc.) can also be made on a per-hour basis.
We do not leave anything to chance, so we always work with double equipment to always be prepared for “unwelcome surprises”.

For information on our packages and prices, simply contact us. We look forward to seeing you ;o)